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A modern cohesive design

Meeting with the clients in the Quadrant reception area it was evident that the lobby required a new injection of design and colour.

The clients brief was for a fresh, young design, reflective of a modern inner city hotel atmosphere.

The Quadrant’s signature purple colour came into play

Wallcoverings were sourced and designed in shades of purples, and a patterned elitis wall-covering, 'Fast', provided an optical illusion of movement.

The wall behind the reception desk was covered in a paper designed by artist Deborah Jardine, featuring an abstract design alluding to night lights reflecting on wet city roads.

Large Tom Dixon mirror ball light pendants took centre stage over the newly lacquered white reception desk. Looking similar to astronaut’s space helmets, these lights refracted sparkle and reflected the surrounding space. 

A concrete corrugated wall was painted with strips of varying widths in purple tonal shades plus a surprise yellow stripe.

The existing furnishings were recovered in colourful, hospitality grade, durable fabrics.

Newly lacquered planter boxes and plants completed the new design.

The result – a modern and inviting space cohesive with the hotels branding.